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My advice to those Graduated or Graduating 

Once you graduate college the next step is logically look for a job to start your working career. Coming to the end of your final semester; the pressure continues to mount as you are getting closer to graduating and therefore closer to finding a job. The next question you will hear consistently is “Have you found a job yet?” It is the same as when we were high school seniors and people asked “Where are you going to college?” This question is very straightforward but finding a job is not.Graduation.jpg

However, that all might seem easy when in fact it is more difficult than it is made out to be. I graduated a semester,December as opposed to May,earlier than most people and that was both a blessing and a heartache. Blessing because I was finally done with school but a heartache becasue I left all of my friends back at school and all of the on campus events and sporting activities. 

Now that I have been graduated for a little over three months and have applied for over 110 different jobs. It has begun to get frustrating applying for so many jobs in a variety of different fields, from Communication Managers to Administrative Assistants. 

Excel Spreadsheet of all jobs and info about my applications

While I was applying and getting interviews for some of the jobs I had applied for, I began to notice a pattern and key words that stood out about specific job and fields. Communications is a very broad career field to start out in. You have the Public Speaking Dept. and then you have the Public Relations Dept. as well as the Social Media Dept. and many more. 

Some positions inside the communication field are more sales type jobs which have a commissioned based salary, for entry level positions that is a hard to live off of. After figuring out which positions were commissioned based and which ones were full salaried I started to apply based upon the key words that I read in the descriptions. 

My previous experience

One of the many lessons I have learned through this job application process is that experience is everything. Every job employer I have interviewed with always wants more experience outside of the classroom, which is hard to get even with internships. I was blessed to have the opportunity to acquire two internships in one summer but those experiences combined still is not enough for an entry level position.  

To end this post I want to give a piece of advice to those who are reading this and have just graduated or about to graduate or even some juniors who are getting look into what their next stage of life is.

Gain as much experience as you can while on breaks and during the summers. Whether you complete one internship or three the more experience you gain in your field of interest or even just experience working with your degree will help when you go to apply for jobs. 



Lauren Neubauer

“The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.”


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