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Hello! Thank you for visiting my new Blog! 

This past Thursday March 16th 2017, marked three months since I had graduated from Liberty University. To provide some background; let me introduce myself. 

My name is Lauren Neubauer and I have recently graduated in December 2016 from Liberty University (LU) with a degree in Strategic Communications (Public Relations & Advertising), I accomplished this all before turning 20. 

During my time at school I played club Ultimate Frisbee; as well as the normal college life and built a friend group that gained the nicknamed Big Pelican. I had transferred into Liberty as a second semester Junior; as I had taken over two years of community college classes while still being home-schooled. 

Due to transferring I came into LU as an upperclassmen starting off taking my major courses. That provided a rough beginning transition, but it eventually turned into a whole semester that helped me grow in myself and provide me a stable foundation that I would build upon as I continued to take classes and gain confidence in who I am. 

When I first came into college I was extremely shy and uncertain of myself and stayed inside of my introvert shell and did not like to talk during class. My hall first year was incredible; I found some people that I immediately felt a connection with, one of those girls would turn out to be my best friend and eventually roommate a year later. 

In front of the Campus Christmas Tree, Dec 2016LU was one of the best experiences of my life so far; it provided many trials and many joys throughout the 2 1/2 years I spent there. Trials are the only way to grow from our current position; while some I would like to have gone through I have become a stronger more confident person because of what I went through and how I responded. 

As I said in the beginning I have been graduated for over three months and have not found a job yet. To all fellow college graduates and future graduates finding a job is not as easy as people or your career center is telling you. But do not give up just because you have not been hired or been interviewed for a position that you feel you can easily do becasue of your education. 

During my time of job searching I have applied for over 108 jobs all ranging from Communications to Administrative Assistants each of these jobs were either entry level positions or only requiring a year of experience. The job market is changing from in person application to everything being handed online with no human contact until you are selected for an interview and sometimes even those are held over the phone. However during this time it is a time to build your interviewing skills and answers that can better help sell yourself to a potential employer. 

Next Post: Lessons Learned from Applying for over 100 Jobs


Lauren Neubauer 

“The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.”


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